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Oct 10, 2012

Welcome to My World of Natural Beauty Products

Through this blog i will be bringing to the beauty conscious ladies of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, the wonderful alternatives to all previously known and used chemical-laden beauty products.....alternatives given to us by mother nature.
Avocado Oil

Just like most ladies (and some men) out there; i am crazy about my beauty regimens...from skincare to manicure to hair to makeup ....i do all i can to  take care of my body from head to toe.

Most of the beauty products out there are however counter-productive on the long run. Most contains chemicals like Paraben, Sulphates, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Petrolatum etc which studies have shown to be bad for our health.

So being a Virgo (lol...yea we are perfectionists) i went in search of better alternatives and was surprised to discover that nature has a gazillion of them...just for our use. Things i never thought to use in my beauty regimen e.g baking soda for exfoliation?!

Coconut Oil

I will be blogging about my experience down nature's path and bringing you tips, tricks and recipes using safe, pampering, and pocket friendly products from nature. Most of these products are right in our back yard.

Are you ready?....Lets Go!

Remain Beautiful,

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