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Oct 24, 2012

Homemade Acne Treatments


Oatmeal Mask


Face masks made with oatmeal can provide substantive result for somebody who has very oily skin (which is an acne-prone skin). To prepare this acne face mask you need

1 cup oatmeal                
Warm Water (enough to form a soft paste)

Blend the oats for 20 seconds (just to break it down a bit) and then make a paste with water. Apply this paste to your face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. The excess oil on the skin is absorbed by the oatmeal paste as it starts to dry. After 20 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water and rinsed well with cold water to close pores. This paste should be used twice a day to obtained good result.

Tomatoes Mask



For oily skin, tomatoes work wonders! I can shout this from the highest peak of  Aso rock....Lol. The acidity in tomatoes helps in reducing and clearing up your acne.

Vitamin A and vitamin C are commonly found in a lot of acne medicines and tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Cut one tomato into 2 and rub each half on your face and neck. Leave on for 10-15minutes then rinse off  with warm water.



Garlic Mask


This treatment can actively help you in the battle against acne. Garlic has powerful cleansing and antibacterial properties called allicin in its juice, providing a natural antiseptic solution for cleansing acne-prone skin.

Crush a couple of peeled garlic cloves; use a garlic press or by mash it up yourself. Make certain to completely crush, or mince, the cloves. Then mix it into a cup of warm water. Once you have your mixture, soak a clean cotton cloth in the garlic water and gently wash the spots where you primarily get acne blemishes.

Leave it on your skin for several minutes, but not more than 10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse your face with cool water. And don’t worry, your face won’t smell like garlic, but the treatment will take you one step closer to clearer skin.

Vinegar Toner


Yes, you can use vinegar for more than salad dressings and fridge deodorizing. In fact, the natural acidity of vinegar works as an effective acne fix, helping to reduce redness and minimize inflammation, which can take part in triggering acne breakouts. To make this toner you will need;

   1. 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
   2. 2 Tbsp. Witch Hazel
   3. 1/2 cup Distilled Water
   4. 10 drops tea tree oil essential oil

Mix together all ingredients and put in a glass bottle or in a spritzer bottle, so you can spritz on and wipe off. Or, you can just put it in a bottle and soak a cotton ball or pad and gently wipe it over your face. This doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and has a shelf life of at least two months. Use daily for best results.


Aloe Vera Mask

The immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera are just two of  its many notable benefits. These powerful properties help it prevent future blemishes and eradicate current acne eruptions on the skin. Since aloe vera is known to travel deep into the skin we are guaranteed of deep healing.

Try rubbing a little dollop of aloe vera gel on your skin. Apply to affected areas daily. It reduces redness from inflamed blemishes and mild rosacea when applied to dry skin and allowed to remain there.

On top of that, aloe also helps to hydrate your sun-kissed skin after a long day outdoors. So, not only can it help clear up your acne, it also moisturizes your skin. The aloe vera plant provides all these benefits – all at the same time.







The pimples on your face can be aggravated when pricked with your finger nails and hence it is better to abstain from touching or pricking  the pimples. If one acne facial treatment is not working, try the other treatment which might work for you. Also take care not to get any of the mixture in your eyes as it may sting and burn. If some of the mixture does make its way into your eyes, flush with clean, cool water for several seconds to a couple of minutes.

Finally, regardless of which acne treatment you use, pair that treatment with a healthy diet and try to not touch your face more than you need to and you will notice your skin clearing up faster than you thought possible.

Remain Beautiful,


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