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Dec 20, 2012

Beauty Secrets from India: Oiling Your Hair

In the Indian tradition, a woman’s hair is considered to be her crowning glory. Women have historically been identified with long, thick luscious locks that cascade down to their waist. In India hair is associated with strength and beauty, this is why in fact it is intentionally not cut in Sikhism while in Hindu cutting it is seen as a great sacrifice to God.

So what is the secret to their beautiful hair? The age old tradition of oiling.

Unlike in Nigeria where we condition our hair after shampooing it, in India oiling your hair and scalp always precedes washing it. Many people naturally associate the application of oil with ‘being greasy.’ Nothing could be more untrue. Hair treatments using oil provide deep conditioning and help cleanse micro-dust particles that cause dandruff, irritation, infections and even certain types of alopecia or hair loss. Also, applying oil to the scalp promotes relaxation, a process which in itself is extremely important for think, healthy hair.


Which Oil is Best For Your Hair?

Most Indians use coconut oil as it penetrates the hair shaft for deep conditioning. There are many commercial varieties of coconut oil available in the market but it is a good idea to buy an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as chemicals and preservatives invariably alter its beneficial properties. Amla Oil is used to maintain natural hair color, prevent premature graying and hair loss. If you would like to make your own coconut hair oil infused with herbs and flowers then you might want to check an Ayurvedic Beauty Bookfor recipes, or you can add some Indian Hair Powder(which is normally a mix of great hair herbs like Horsetail, Neem, Amla, Hibiscus etc) into the oil to make an hair mask.


How to Condition Your Hair with Oil

Its easy! Just apply a small amount of coconut oil (or any other natural oil you decide to use) into your scalp and massage your scalp for like five minutes. Comb the oil out to the ends of the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and tie a turban made from a towel to help the oil penetrate into your scalp and individual hair shaft. Leave the oil in for at least an hour or even overnight. Shampoo your hair as usual and condition. Then sit back and admire your beautifully conditioned, shiny hair that is vibrant with moisture and health!

Until next post...remain beautiful,


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