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My name is Onome and as a 'Beautinista' I have a natural passion for all things beauty related; makeup, skincare, hair, fitness, nutrition etc.

I started this blog, first to let people know the dangers inherent in so many of the beauty products we use on a daily basis and secondly, to bring to their awareness the various natural, organic and safe alternatives. 

I had to look for healthy alternatives for my beauty regimen after I became aware of the various p0tentially dangerous chemicals in most beauty products. Health Before Beauty is now my slogan.

I will be showcasing and reviewing products, posting some DIY recipes, linking you to places where you can buy natural/safe products and learn more about living green.

After each post you can go ahead and leave your feedbacks, questions and comments. You can also follow via Google+ and comment and share via Facebook, Twitter etc.

Remain beautiful,

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