Sep 14, 2015


Today 14th September is my birthday...Yippee!!!  I am so grateful to God for keeping alive to see another year...another birthday.

In commemoration of today and so that you my beautiful readers can get to know me a little better;  I am letting you into 14 Random Facts About Me.



1. My first love is Music. I have great singing voice and i have procrastinated learning how to play the guitar all these years. smh4u Onome

2. My dream career as a youngster was to become a performing artist. However my mum, God rest her soul would hear none of it. She wanted me to work in an office and dress 'corporate' like them banker babes and would always tease me whenever i come back from all nite dance or music rehearsals. Hahahaaa...mummy of life!


3.  Although I am Urhobo from Abraka in Delta state, Uruovie to be precise; i do not speak my native language. Don't blame me though, my dad was an 'ajebutter' "Don't speak vernacular in my house" kinda guy. Lol

4. My mum died of breast cancer in 2003 at the age of 53 after battling the disease for 2 years. She was not alive to see me dress 'corporate' when i started working in the banking industry. Rest in peace mummy.

5. I have 10 siblings in all Sheila, Princewill, Rosemary, John, Rita, Annette, Paul, Tony, Edmond and Edward. I share same mum with the last 5. Two of my elder sisters Rosemary and Annette are now late. Rest in peace sisters

6. I am a natural giving person and I'm always ready to go extra miles for my loved ones.

7. Most of the virgo facts aptly describes me e.g, Analytical, List Maker, Logical, Loyal, Dependable, Critical, Worrier, Intelligent, Effective, Tactless, Creative, Planner etc

8.  My dream vacation spot is Rome. I have read a lot of books and watched so many documentaries   about the Romans that I know I'll surely get goosebumps when I visit the place. God, before my next birthday would be a great time to fulfill this dream, don't you think? (In Jesus's name I pray. Amen!)

9.  I grew up in Ibadan so i speak Yoruba language very fluently. Proverbs, adages and all.

10. People are always amazed by the volume of my vocabulary. The secret is this...i read all sorts of books. I love to know about things, people and places.

11. I have a 9 - 5 job, i mean 8 - 5 na oyibo dey resume by 9am na, shey? Lol

12. I have very few friends. I prefer quality relationships over frivolous acquaintances. My favorite person right now is my cutie pie son, Jason. Cliche? yea, I know...Lol

13. Before organicsbymelvee, i started another beauty blog, beautymentation.onsugar.

14. I hardly get angry but when i do, i erupt like a volcano. one funny childhood memory;

I attended a boarding school during my high school days and if you are a Nigerian border you know garri is bae right? So during one of the holidays in my JSS 3, it was raining and my mum used to warn me about garri and cold. My creative young mind then figured out , "if i use hot water to drink the garri instead of cold water i would be fine." So I poured my sugar and peanut into my cup of garri then poured in HOT water. It didn't quickly occur to me why my garri was becoming eba-like....hahahahaaa

There you have it! If there is any other thing you would like to know about me, go ahead and ask. I promise to answer as best as i can.

Until next post...remain beautiful.



  1. Happy Birthday dear. God bless and favour you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy birthday dear!! I loved reading these 14 facts about you. We have the birthday on same day. I also enjoyed a lot on my birthday this year. You know my hubby hosted a surprise party at my favorite and the best birthday party nyc restaurant.


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