Mar 16, 2015


kylie jenner endorses anti wrinkle nip+fab organics by melvee

17 years old Kylie Jenner was recently named the new brand ambassador for NIP+FAB, a US based skin care line widely known for their awesome anti-aging products. And her favorite product out of the skincare line seem to be the  Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix Cream.

The NIP+FAB site promotes “Kylie’s Favorites,” which include Glycolic Fix Pads that will “unveil younger-looking skin.” That’s another product in the line that Kylie doesn’t need. It’s quite unclear why NIP+FAB would want a teenager to promote their products. I personally think a 17 year old do not need any anti-aging cream. All you need at that age is preventive measures; Sunscreen, Moisturizer and good Nutrition.

kylie-jenner-nip-fab--viper-venom-wrinke-fix-anti-wrinkle-organics by melvee
Kylie Jenner has been reportedly using the product and when she shared a photo of it on Instagram, some of her followers were quick to show their displeasure for a 17 year old using an anti-aging product.

Read below some of the comments on Kylie Jenner's instagram page after she posted the Nip+Fab Viper Venom wrinkle fix cream;

"Really confused as to why 17 year old kylie jenner is the ambassador for an anti-wrinkle line #nipandfab ..."
"When I was 17 I was in high school enjoying my youth and eating whatever I wanted.. she's worried about wrinkles?!"
"Seriously though. We're older than her and not worried about that. She needs to calm down."
"Ur 17 why do you need that lol "
"Why choose a baby to rep your anti-aging skin care line? She doesn't have anything close to resembling a wrinkle."

kylie-jenner-nip-fab--viper-venom-wrinke-fix-anti-wrinkle-organics by melvee

Whats your thought on a 17 year old using an Anti-Wrinkle cream? Do you think Kylie Jenner is too young to be using these products? Do share your view in the comment below.

Until next post...remain beautiful,
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  1. What in God's name is a teenager doing with an anti wrinkle cream?! I blame the company though. Why not use Kourtney who is older?

  2. The Kardashians are so fake so i am not surprised. Kylie is gonna be another Kim.


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