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Oct 29, 2014

Soften Your Chapped Lips

Hello Beauties,

As you know, I recently put to bed and one of my postpartum issue was seriously chapped lips. And when i say seriously chapped, i mean alligator-skin, scale-peeling-off kinda chapped lips. To remedy this situation i bought all sorts of lip balms, some didn't work at all while some only worked for a few minutes then it was back to status-quo.

I tried Vaseline blue-seal a few times but the thought of licking my lips and thereby swallowing Vaseline (which is derived from petroleum) was not a pleasant thing, so I was back to my search for a remedy. I then had a brilliant inspiration! As a nursing mother, one of the life savers you always have around is an 100% pure Lanolin sold as nipple butter.

So i figured, if the nipple butter is safe for babies and it is also effective in softening my nipple so it doesn't crack from the vigorous sucking of my baby; it sure should work for my super chapped lips. I applied it before bed to my lips and i woke to a lip so soft i could stop touching it. Plus side is that it is safe for lip-lickers like me because pure lanolin is derived from wool.

So once I exhaust my nipple cream i will buy a generic 100% pure lanolin cream  which i believe would be cheaper than the Lansinoh brand i currently use.

Do you suffer from chapped lips?  Reach for 100% pure lanolin and soften those puckers!

Till next post...remain beautiful


  1. I use lip balm and creamers for my chapped lips. :)
    ~Pauline @Nars Philippines

  2. I have also tried Vaseline petroleum for My crack heels and bites from bugs and mosquito.. and also its very effective for My nephew's diaper rushes.. Its proven and tested for My family..

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