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Dec 30, 2013

5 Must-Have Beauty Essentials for Harmattan

1. Water

With the weather being very dry there is need to increase your intake of water so we stay hydrated. Your skin, hair and generally your body will thank you for the lubrication. Apart from water you can also eat fruits with lots of water like orange, watermelon, cucumber etc.

Tip: Have a small bottle water handy to sip from during the day.

2. Natural Butters

Harmattan is the season for supa-dupa moisturizing because the weather is dry is not a good enough reason for you to walk around with skin like an alligator (Lol). Your normal lotion or cream might not be as effective this period, so its time to reach for natural body butters like Shea butter, Cocoa butter or products that contain one or more of these natural body butters e.g Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula.

Tip: If you don't like using thick creams during the day, then ensure you use them at night before bed so your skin gets the benefits while you sleep.

3. Lip Balm

Even people who don't normally have dry lips suffer from chapped lips during harmattan; so its wise to keep a very good lip balm handy. Put one in your bag or car just in case you need it. I personally go for lip balms with natural butters, waxes and Vit E e.g Blistex range of lip care products. They also have Spf15 as extra protection for your puckers.

Tip: Scrub your lips with a mixture of honey and sugar this period to further soften your lips.

4. Brown Sugar Scrub

One of the things I always ensure I have at hand for this season is Brown Sugar body scrub. I make this myself with a mixture of brown sugar and honey mixed together to form a slightly runny paste. Your skin gets dry pretty fast during harmattan so there is need to constantly exfoliate dead skin off so your skin don't look dull. This scrub works for both your skin and your lips and for extra point.....its sweet!

Tip: Once or twice a week scrub your skin thoroughly with this scrub then have your bath as usual. Afterward moisturize with a body butter. I assure you your man wont be able to keep his hands off you.

5. Protective Hairstyles

Apart from the skin, the other part of our body that suffers the brunt of the dry season is our hair. Its best to keep it hidden under a protective hairstyle of your choice; from weaves to braids or even wigs.However, remember not to neglect your hair while in protective style. Constantly moisturize and seal it.

Tips: You need to deep condition your hair during this harmattan period to further protect your hair from dryness and breakage.


How do you protect your skin and hair this harmattan season? Share in the comment below.

Until next post...remain beautiful,

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