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Nov 4, 2013

How to Get a Glowy Skin in Nigeria

I receive tons of mails from so many ladies (and some men) asking me to recommend creams and soaps that will either lighten their skin or make it glow. I  figured it would be better i make a post that everyone can easily reference instead of replying each person. So here goes.....

EXFOLIATION: Like i always reiterate; the most important process in getting a glowy or brighter skin is Exfoliation. Products generally penetrate better into exfoliated skin. Therefore to ensure you get the best out of your products you need to include exfoliation into your skin regimen.

There are different levels of exfoliation ranging from your everyday washcloth and 'apricot scrubs' (that starts having very little effect as you age) to Chemical peels (TCA, Glycolic acid etc) done by dermatologist or estheticians. To get excellent results I recommend Lactic acid or Glycolic acid treatments done once a week or every other week depending on your skin. This you can do at home. I'd write a detailed post on how to do this later.

MOISTURIZE: Dry skin can NEVER glow. To ensure you skin stay supple and soft you need good moisturizers. I always go for natural oils, butters or products with ceramides. Never go to bed with a dry or dirty skin because your body is regenerated at night when you sleep.


PROTECT: We have this erroneous believe in Nigeria that black skin don't need to sunscreen. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Anyone that stays under the sun needs sunscreen. Obviously due our tropical weather in Nigeria we need intense sun protection; so always use a sunscreen of 45spf+.

SUPPLEMENT: Our environmental air is polluted, our foods are processed, our water is hard. All these and so much more is the reason why you need to constantly be on Vitamin C 1000mg to help eradicate all free radicals that makes our skin lose life and look dull. Vitamin C also have a skin brightening effect.

HYDRATE: Water is Life! Water does wonders for our skin. It is not a myth but fact that your skin shrinks, dries up and looks dull when you are dehydrated. Always keep a bottle of water close by to sip from time to time. Never wait to be thirsty before you drink and Never substitute soda/juice etc for water.

If you can do all these consistently i guarantee your skin will glow. Friends will ask what cream you are using and you'll proudly flaunt your flawless, even tone and glowy skin.

Until next post...remain beautiful,


  1. You're doing a good job...I'm moisturizing with coconut oil,but I'm scared it will make my face break out as it is quite there any mositurizer you can recomend and sun screen? Thanks

  2. A glycolic acid cream works well as a daytime moisturizer on oily skin

  3. Thanks for this post. I've had dez spots on my legs since I was a kid. Now I'm almost 22 and dey are still der. Please do you think a peel would help fade dem? N if so which do you recommend? N can I apply dem st home ( I know too many questions buh I really need your help. Thanks)


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