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Oct 7, 2013

Skin Lightening

Due to one of my post HERE about safe skin lightening ingredients to use in place of steroids, mercury and hydroquinone; i've received a ton of mail from readers who want me to recommend creams, soaps etc  to lighten them.

I do not lighten my skin so I have very limited knowledge of the names of lightening creams out there. And we all know what works for A might not necessary work for B. However, i believe once you know the ingredients to steer clear of and the ones you need in your creams and soap it would be easier to know what to buy.

Like i said here HERE exfoliation plays a very key role in maintaining an even skin tone/complexion and so also is the use of sunblocks, especially ones with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

For further information on right and wrong ingredients to use for skin lightening visit this very educative website and Be Informed

Until next post....remain beautiful,

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