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Jul 5, 2013

Adieu Adenike Ogungbe, CEO Ewar Makeovers

The CEO of Ewar Make-Over, Adenike Ogungbe, has died. The renowned Lagos-based make-up artist, died Wednesday July 3, 2013 in a hospital in Ogun State Nigeria.

She had given birth early Tuesday morning, but fell into a coma. Reports say she never came out of the anesthesia given to her. 'Nike was 32 and is survived by a husband and the new born baby girl she died while having. 

Your smile was infectious. Your work was perfection. Your life was a blessing to lots of people.

Some of her Bridal Makeup works

Adenike, although we ask "why does she have to die so young", but we know the little time you spent with us was not a waste. The value you added to the Nigerian Makeup Industry would resound for years to come. The lives you touched with your sincere love and graciousness will continue to remember you.

Sleep well dear, till we meet to part no more.

- Onome

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