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Jun 13, 2013

DIY Eyeshadow Primer

As you might already know, I like using simple stuff around me to create beauty portions. I make my own scrubs, masks, body butter etc. You can then imagine my excitement when I discovered a DIY Eyeshadow Primer recipe on pinterest...It was an eureka! moment. Lol

I tried the original recipe which called for Vaseline, but i didn't really like the idea of Vaseline on my lid so i swapped the Vaseline for Shea Butter and it worked great. So lets get started.

Things you will need:
-A liquid concealer or foundation. I used Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation.
-A unscented/fragrance-free body lotion
- Vaseline or Chapstick. I used Organic Shea Butter.
-Corn Starch (If you are in Nigeria; Ogi)
-Q-Tips or any small item to mix the ingredients together.
-A small container to put it in. I used an old eye contact case.

How You Make It!
Step 1: Take your container and mix 1 portion of your liquid foundation or concealer with 1/3 cornstarch
Step 2: Add a tiny bit of lotion and Vaseline/Chapstick or Shea Butter. If you add to much it will make your eyelids oily. Then stir it in with your Q-Tip.
Step 3: Make sure all ingredients get mixed in properly, then screw the lid for the container on tight, you don't want it to dry out!

If you have oily lid do increase the cornstarch a bit.

Apply to your eyelids before you put on your eyeshadow! That's all you have to do to create your very own Eye Primer! It's cheap and it works!

Until next post...remain beautiful,



  1. Hello, I just found out abt ur blog nd it's great but how do I get some of the materials in lagos and can u give tips using ingredients that can be cheaply and easily accessible? Thanks a whole lot and keep up d good work!cheers....

    1. These materials are easily sourced in Lagos.

      Vaseline, Ogi, Liquid foundation, body lotion - these are all common things.

  2. I love your blog and I've found lots of useful info. Keep up the good work.


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