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Mar 1, 2013

Exfoliation: The Key To Luminous Skin

My last post was on exfoliating your lips to get it soft and supple, but now lets get that supple and soft skin all over, shall we? If you currently suffer from dull, greyish, blotched or uneven skin, your primary culprit most certainly would be dead skin.

Exfoliation - Organics by Melvee
I tell a lot of people who ask me how to get glowing and luminous skin that the first step is consistent and effective exfoliation, using the two types of exfoliation techniques followed by deep moisturizer.

There are two types of exfoliants. First, a "chemical" or "acid" exfoliant that does the work for you. You apply it, leave it on the skin, and it works to dissolve the dry skin cells. These exfoliants include ingredients such as Lactic acid, Glycolic Acid, AHAs and BHA, and enzymes such as papain in Pawpaw (papaya). 

Check out products that contains GLYCOLIC ACID

Check out products that contains  LACTIC ACID

Secondly, a "physical" exfoliant means that you have to do the work. These exfoliants include Brushes, Sponges/Bath Gloves/Mitt, and Scrubs e.g salt, grains, sugar etc. 

Use Buff Puff with your cleanser, its great for your face
Use bath gloves like this with your body was of soap for daily exfoliation

A combination of both physical and chemical exfoliants will give your skin the best results, especially if you are above 30years. Your natural skin renewal system is slowing down and so you would need to jolt it with chemical exfoliants like Glycolic Acid.

Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA Anti-Wrinkle
Alpha Hydroxy Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA
For most skin types, this would be a mild alcohol-free Glycolic/Lactic Acid Serum or AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) used under a night cream for seven nights on, seven nights off. This way, you're still getting an intensive exfoliation, but you also give your skin a break. You can combine this with a very mild facial scrub like twice a week to lift off and remove the dissolved skin cells.

For sensitive skin, I suggest using the enzymes like papain in papaya instead of the acids, as these tend to be gentler on delicate skins.For severely sun damaged skin, a prescription Retinol is more effective because it exfoliates more deeply in the skin.

No matter what type of exfoliation you choose to use, remember to always moisturize and i advice using organic products like shea butter, olive oil, almond oil etc. And remember to protect your skin from the element...Sun.

Until next post...remain beautiful,


  1. Nice one! Α MUA told me ℓ̊ need to exfolliate everyday,how right is that?? Also,ℓ̊ have an oily skin and very uneven,that's why ℓ̊ decided to take care of my skin. First,do ℓ̊ use my cleanser before exfolliating? 2nd,is it right for me 2apply shea butter after exfolliating or any other moisturizer?? Tnks

    1. Your MUA is very correct! You need to do gentle exfoliation daily (using exfoliation cleanser or just Buff Puff and your normal cleanser).

      It depends, if your cleanser doubles as an exfoliator then you can use it straight.

      And lastly; after exfoliation your skin needs extra moisture so shea butter or any other natural oil/butter would do great.

  2. Cool but where can I purchase a good exfoliator cream in the UK??

    1. I reside in Lagos, Nigeria but i am sure there are several beauty shops in the UK where you can get it. Just read labels for products with AHAs like glycolic acid, Lactic acid etc

  3. Am in love with your blog!!!!!
    Keep it up
    Am chocolate in color,I will like to tone my skin color to the same shade of color like the lady u use in this writeup

    I have a very sensitive face that reacts to new skinproduct.
    It causes outbreak of pimples and rashes.

    Am not using any cream on my face presently
    I bought claryfying complexion cream made by same company that produces clear essence,I use neutrogena acne wash to cleanse my face.

    I would love u to recoMmend a good lotion and soap that will exfoliate and tone my skin for an even skin tone.

    Thanks,I wld really appreciate it if u reply me
    Remain blessed

    1. Thanks for appreciating my blog.

      For Exfoliation i recommend Black soap with a good body sponge or a good papaya soap (K.Brothers/Likas/Asantee). Then get QEI body lotion (it has natural lighteners)mixed with the serum.

      Remain beautiful,

    2. Hello Lady Onome,i love this blog,thank u so much for such a wonderful tips. Please which of the qei + range are u talking about dear?

  4. Hello Onome, i love you blog so much,great job dear, and thank you very much. Is it wise to use a black soap and q7 skin brighting milk with almond oil,to acquire an even skin tone,just like the lady in the picture, and if not, which of the qei+ body lotion is preferable?

  5. Dear onome,
    I am 32 years and mid tone in colour. I really dont want to use steriods so right now i am #team natural. i use dudu oshun soap and coconut oil at night while my day soap is dove pink rosa but i am at a loss at what cream to use as my day lotion. i exfoliate with st ives apricot weekly and use lemon and tomatoes once in a while but i am yet to get that brightning effect i desire. can i use QEI LOTION and serum too? Please bear in mind that i dont want to be "yellow yellow" light,just to brighten what i have and achieve that glow.

    waiting for your reply.


  6. Pls onome I stay in ph. I dont know where I can get the glutathione food supplement. I have checked some pharmacies and super markets. Pls any help? I have some stubborn spots in between my thighs and been trying to get rid of them, if theres any other recommendations pls send me a mail to tanx

  7. Hello lady so loving this....would like to know which cream i can use to have a brown skin.....i actually have a dry skin...tnks

  8. i reside in Lagos. Good products like the DermaE and Revival Glycolic skin products are at most Health Plus pharmacy. i bought some at the Palm Shopping mall branch and the Lekki Phase 1 branch. but mostly, i buy my products online from Amazon

  9. Hello mrs onome this z so interesting, I so much love this blog, kisses, lol, pls help with sumtin better to get rid of the sunburn on my face, its horrible. ..pls I reply, thanks

  10. Hello Onome. Can i use Clear essence complexion soap cos it contains alpha hydrox. And please can i use this QEI cream for my under arms. They are really darker than my normal skin tone.

  11. Hi there, my skin is okay BT m avin problems wit my legs cos it dark


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