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Nov 14, 2012

Top 10 Foods For Great Skin


  1. Hello Onome,

    Great job you are doing.
    Could you recommend a good skin ligthening regime for me. I am 32 and i use fair and white cream right now.


    1. I would suggest you go through my post on skin lightening Here to know about safe lightening ingredients.

      The regimen i always recommend is;

      a. Exfoliation (Manual Likas soap with buff puff on face and Good sponge on body) (chemically with Glycolic acid products)without exfoliation you are only wasting your lightening creams
      b. Deep Moisturizing (Almond, grapeseed oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter
      c. Lightening using products with safe ingredients like licorice etc
      d. Protection using sunscreen with spf 40 upwards.

  2. Onome help me out....... Am dark in complexion and really want to be fair but I've tried many creams, to no avail.
    Now a friend introduce me to a tube and its trying but it only brightens my face and neck but my legs and hands are not responding and that has always been my problem .
    In a nut shell, i want u to introduce me to a good natural bleaching cream which i will use that will give me a uniform colour. Thanks.


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